Friday, June 11, 2010

Memory Boxes....they are simple!

I thought I would show you one of my favorite products and how simple it is to put together.  I just love the memory boxes, they are so versatile and make a great show piece or a sensational gift.

Firstly when I start to make a memory box, I fold the sides up (don't worry if they don't stay attached!) sellotape the corners and sides and run a bead of PVA glue around the inside edge.  (a little hint here: I put down wax proof paper underneath, so if any glue seeps through, it won't stick!)

Once the outside edge is complete, I assemble the two short and two long inside strips and sit them in the slots.  Sellotape on the corners help them stay in place while you run a bead of glue around the outside edge...

Once it's at this stage, I like to sit something on top to stop it from warping while it dries...a cutting mat and a can of soup works wonderfully!

Once dry, paint the inside edges, cover your frame and put it all simple!

Here is one I put together using the large 3D butterfly...

The edges of the memory box are exactly 1", so cut some strips and adhere - I'm a little impatient and want an instant fix, so it's double sided tape for me (a wet glue is also a good option).  The front of the frame has been covered with 1" squares and sanded for that slightly rough look (make the squares just bigger than 1" and sand them back to the edge for that seamless look).  The 3D butterfly base has been covered with paper, sanded and inked, while the wings were painted and put through the cuttle bug.  I love the effect of white ink stamped on a transparency, and this works beautifully as the middle of the wings.

I hope my little tutorial gives you some insight into how easy these gorgeous projects are to put together!


  1. very clever ange.... You put the last one together for me so now I have no excuse I can do it myself.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Ange!! I think I need to make one.

  3. WOW that is gorgeous, now I want to make one too!