Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ideas for using the KDD Limited Edition trees this Christmas!

Hey all!

I am LOVIN the new limited edition Christmas Trees and they are just in time for me to get some quick and easy cards made for Christmas.  I must admit that I am not that great of a cardmaker - but I think its a fab way of using up scraps!  Because Im making so many cards this Christmas Im basically using the following two cards as my designs, and then just changing the papers depending on what scraps I have from last Christmas!

If you are wanting to whip up some Christmas cards in only a couple of minutes feel free to use the following step-by-steps!

Easy-peasy two-minute Christmas Tree Cards


Card 1:

  1. Make a portrait-shaped card out of cardstock.

  2. Cut some patterned paper to slightly smaller than the card. 

  3. Tear the right hand side of the patterned paper.

  4. Sand the edges

  5. Ink the KDD Birdy tree (baubles design) with green ink

  6. Use popdots to adhere the tree into place

  7. Secure medium sized diamonte and plain brads through the bauble holes.  By using a mix of types of brads you are adding visual interest

  8. Grab some ricrac ribbon and staple it in a zigzag pattern down the tree - resembling tinsel.

Card 2:

  1. Fold embossed paper in half to make a portrait-shaped card.

  2. Ink the edges with a matching ink, concentrating on bringing out the embossed pattern of the paper

  3. Sew a messy border around the edges of the card

  4. Ink the Star Christmas Tree (baubles design).

  5. Cut a section of patterned paper slightly larger than the inside of the tree.  Glue to the back of the tree.

  6. Adhere the tree to the card using pop dots

  7. Secure medium sized diamonte brads through the bauble holes.  Diamontes add extra bling to a card - which suits the Christmas theme perfectly!

So if you have a spare few minutes and have bought some of the limited edition Christmas Trees why not whip up these super-easy cards?  Already done this year's cards?  Grab some for next year and help support the Salvos!

xxx K


  1. OMG they look even CUTER on a card!!!! definitely an INNOVATIVE idea!!

  2. I wish I had found the Cupcake book before I made my niece a recipe folder using the Scalloped Edge Tabbed Ring Book. It turned out great anyway.
    Keep the inspiration coming.
    Manola xo

  3. Very cute cards, can't wait for my trees to be delivered, will be alot of fun