Sunday, November 30, 2008

Who likes a sneak peek?


We have alot in store for you tomorrow night at our very first PARTY to celebrate our new blog.  Firstly, here's a sneak peek at a product being released tomorrow night:

Front detail 

Ok, so that doesn't really give it away, but I can tell you that it has a handle and is going to make my 7yr old son Josh very happy when I give it to him for Christmas!!!

Now onto the important stuff - what are we doing tomorrow's a quick run down:

7:00 Welcome to the new blog

       What we have in store for you & chat

       First giveaway - Ask a question/leave a comment

       New Product

7:30 Winner of first giveaway

       (3 minutes to collect the prize, or it’s redrawn!!!)

7:35 Competition Announcement


       (ask a question on the competition to go into another draw)

7:55 Winner of second giveaway

       (3 minutes to collect the prize, or it’s redrawn!!!)

8:00 Scavenger Hunt

       1st Prize to the first person to correctly answer 6 questions

       New Product


8:20 winner of Scavenger Hunt

8:30 Design Team Questions/General Chit Chat/Suggestions

9:00 Final Giveaway

There will also be random lucky prize draws announced throughout the night!

See you there!



  1. wow!! so many giveaways! how very generous of u Ange :D
    im coming along! itll be so much fun! :D

  2. cant wait to see your new goodies

  3. I'm here! Is where it is all happening?
    Looking forward to seeing the new releases :-)

  4. So where is this party!!!!!!?

  5. will be on dialup for tonight, hope it plays nicely, cant wait to see whats happening here tonight

  6. Can't wait for the Party, it's going to be fun!!!

  7. shes on the phone with me so ill stop blabbing and let ange write her BlogParty message :D haha

  8. Can't wait for the Party and the giveaways :)

  9. ange was running a few mins late cos she was stuck in traffic. but shes just getting the ball rolling now :D
    im still getting the kids to bed cos its 6pm here. got another hour before i can really start to relax and chill out with u girls :)
    so who is here already??? :D

  10. So where is the party?