Friday, December 5, 2008

Hello Everyone!  The silly season is hitting us really quickly now. I don't know about everyone, but I am on my last legs. It's December, I haven't sent out my Christmas cards, my Christmas tree is not up ... all I'm doing is running around like a headless chook, taking my kids to concerts, birthday parties .... and the rest. Their 6-year-old social life seems to take precedence over the niceties of the festive season.

Anyway, last week, we received these Karen Day Designs Limited Edition Christmas Trees. I love them so much!! They are so cute! I made 2 Christmas cards with the ones I have. 


First of all, this is a simple one everyone can attempt. 

Card Size: 4" x 6"

Just paint the tree and stick it onto the front of your card. I used some Stickles / Kindy Glitz to add some glitter to the tree. Fill the centre of the tree with Dimensional Magic (or similar type of adhesive). Then fill it with your choice of "fillings" - glitter, sequins, bead, etc. Let dry and voila!! 


This second one is a little trickier but still lots of fun to make. It's a Shaker Card. 

Card Size:  4" x 6"

I painted the chipboard and applied Stampin' Up's Dazzling Diamonds to it. I stuck it on the card, and cut out the entire centre of the tree. Next, I used Stickles / Kindy Glitz to fill those little circles and the star cavities.

To make the shaker bag, I used a small ziplock bag and trim the top and both sides, leaving approximately 5mm plastic over the size of the 'hole'. Then I applied thin double-sided tape on the inside edges of the bag, fill it with dew drops (glass beads), then seal it. (Note: do not fill it with too much as it can become bulky and not too attractive.You can also use sequins, jewels,glitter, etc.) So that's my shaker bag. If you have a ziplock bag that is of perfect size for your project, you needn't trim and stick like I did. Next, I used sticky tape and stuck the shaker bag onto the inside cover of the card, positioned over the 'hole'. Now, trim another piece of same colour cardstock, the exact size of the card front, i.e. 4" x 6", and stick it onto the inside cover of the card to conceal the shaker bag and the sticky tapes.

.... Ta da!!

These limited edition Karen Day Designs Christmas Trees come in 3 different design sets - 

Starry Trees Xmas_tree_star_3

Birdy Trees Xmas_tree_bird_5

and Chrissy Trees.

They are $4 per set, or $10 for all 3 sets (including postage). AND YOU CAN BUY THEM DIRECTLY FROM SCRAPWARE!!! This is also a wonderful opportunity for you to help the needy. When you purchase these Christmas Trees, SCRAPWARE is donating 50c per pack to the St Vincent de Paul Christmas we all know that at this time of year, every little bit can make a big difference. Just send an email to to order yours today!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!!


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  1. Gorgeous cards Michelle! Love the shaker box idea.