Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This month I decided that I had just the page to use the new
Scrapware monsters for.

CH122 Monsters 

On Christmas Day my husband was teasing Jamie by taking away
his new “Big Tractor” toy and I got some great photos of Jamie’s reaction. He’s
a typical three year old boy and doesn’t share readily at the best of times,
let alone when it’s a new beloved toy. So, I thought that little unfriendly, unsharing monsters might be perfect to adorn a scrapbook page on the topic.


Don't they look fun down there? I've just painted them with some appropriate monster-type colours. Painting is my first choice when it comes to decorating
chipboard. Scrapware chipboard shapes paint up really smoothly. Here I’ve used
a small bristle paintbrush and started with the lighter colour paints first.
The etched lines in the design help to demarcate the areas of the chipboard and
give crisp edges. Simply load up your paintbrush and off you go. I use a hair
dryer to blast the layers of paint dry between colours because I’m impatient
like that.

Happy scrapping!


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  1. Such a totally gorgeous layout Kathie and those monsters look adorable painted. tfs.