Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Allsorts Albums

Have you seen the new Scrapware Allsorts Albums? Ange sent me one recently and suggested I do something with a couple of the pages. LOL, I ended up using every single page, and made this little album.

[out for publication, back soon!]

It's a “Special Sounds” album for my son. He has been diagnosed with a speech disorder and we have daily exercises to do, to help him with the formation of most of the consonant sounds. I thought a little book like this might be a motivator for him to do his exercises. (I need as many as I can get - as anyone who has a pre-school child will attest, they don't have much of a concentration span.)

I love the eclectic mix of differently shaped pages in these albums. You can put them together in any combination you can imagine and they make a beautifully tactile book, full of unexpected little nooks and crannies.

But, I'm get ahead of myself. To decorate the album, I gathered together my paints and a pile of chipboard embellishments - animals (I’m a sucker for a chipboard animal), some grass, flowers, fences, trees and finally some chipboard letters.

I painted each page of the album using acrylic paints. To give consistency to the album, I’ve used a similar treatment on each page – bubble wrap stamping and painted clouds.



Then I painted the chipboard animals.


A tip for painting the smaller critters: paint them while they’re still in their chipboard sheet. They’re less fiddly that way. Pop them out of the backing once they’re dry.


Add the animals to the pages, then create little scenes for them to live in. Add a letter and the name of the animal to finish.

I’ve called the book “Jamie’s Sound Book”, but this project lends itself to a variety of uses. For instance, a first words book or a spelling book for primary school children. You could also use it to create a tactile little book for toddlers about farm animals or zoo animals. So many possibilities. Enjoy!


Products used:
Allsorts Album
Bugs Small
Animals - Zoo
Farm Animals
Sea Animals
Ladybirds Walking x-small
Tree Trunk small
Grass mini
Flowers Galore


  1. beautiful Kathie! love your work

  2. Sounds great, will have to wait and see, I'm sure it's beautiful.