Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Lillian1 I have been a tad busy with moving house but before packing all my worldly belongings I had the chance to put together a sample of one of my new designs. Lillian stands 8 inches tall and is cut from good, strong MDF. In her raw form she looks just as nice and her shape leaves me with lots of ideas about how to decorate her. I am sure you will enjoy getting as creative as I did. To order the raw form please quote Lillian Torso LB01.

Other Scrapware used: CH129 FLOURISH KIM (MEDIUM), CH219 CURLY-Q


  1. Very nice! I might have to get one too! Gilly.

  2. DrooooL :) :) :)
    [in an ooh aah way not the slobbery way - LOL]
    Lou :)