Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wall Art!

Fingers crossed, soon, I'll have my all new scrap room! Well, the start of it anyway, lol. For my birthday this year (in July) hubby said I could get some desks/cupboards/drawers etc made up for my room...I don't think he quite realized what he'd promised! Lets just say it's gonna be a work in progress...!

One thing I decided on is that I'd love to make my own scrappy wall art for my new room, so this month I thought I'd get a start on it...



This Lucy Torso by Linda is absolutely gorgeous, I've covered the base with patterned paper, then painted & inked the flourished overlay. I've also used one of Lou's new doves, (just beautiful I think!), some swirls, a scallop border, and a mini ornate frame. Oh, and these Antique letters have got to be a fav of mine, these ones have been painted and inked, and here's a layout I did earlier in the month just inking them up...

Oh, and do you see the little bird in the top left corner?? Funky eh!?

And finally, another layout from earlier this month using the US frame...


The frame here has also just been inked - I love the way the chippie really grabs the colors, while painting of course has it's place, inking is so much quicker & doesn't need time to dry.

Ok, thats me done! Im off to a retreat this weekend so I'm sure I'll have plenty more to share next week :)



  1. Wow, your wall art is pick some awesome colors!

  2. Just wonderful, love your work and I hope your dreams of your scrap room come true, Gilly ox