Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Friday!

Hi, It's Friday yay!

This is a layout of Milly and her pet Coco, we have had Coco for 6 months now and he has grown so much, he was 5 inches when we got him in Dec now he is 11.5 inches long lol!

I used: CH106-Basic Butterflies,

AZ03-Impact Lowercase Alphas,

AZ05-Impact numbers,

CH317-Retro Frames Large,

On this Butterfly I painted it with teal paint, then added a body by rolling a strip of paper and sticking it to the middle of the butterfly, I then added some Dimensional Magic to the feelers and also added dots to the wings.

With this butterfly I used a border punch to the edge of a strip of paper, then I folded the paper like a fan, using a stapler I stuck the folded paper fans down to the already painted Butterfly, added a body same as Butterfly above, and added Dimensional Magic to the feelers and the paper body.

CH106-Basic Butterflies.

I also made a good luck card, using frinkles on the chipboard.

I used: CH313-Butterflies,

WT25-Word Trio believe, dream and Laugh.


Thanks Gilly ox

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