Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share tonight some tips on colouring Scrapware chipboard with Smooch Inks - a new love of mine! Below is a picture of the Scrapware Mini Banner CH392 coloured with Smooch Inks.

I like to first give the chipboard a thick coat of gesso. To achieve some texture on the chipboard, apply the gesso in a dabbing motion with a rough coarse brush. You want it to be raised in areas, rather than a flat coat. Once the chipboard is covered completely in gesso, dry off using a heat gun or allow to air dry. Be sure the gesso is nice and dry before commencing colouring with the Smooch Inks.
Smooch Inks are in fact more like a paint ... with a beautiful pearlised finish. They come in a bottle that resembles nail polish with a fine tip applicator brush. This brush is perfect for colouring small pieces of chipboard, especially alphabets!
Take your chosen colour of smooch and simply paint it over the gessoed chipboard using the applicator brush. I like to apply a little paint and then sumdge it a little using my finger. Colour all of the gessoed pieces in this way.
Once the first coat is dry, use a little Metallic Wax on your fingers and go over the pieces again. In this example I have used JW Pearl White Metallic Wax. The wax will highlight the texture of the gesso created on your base coat, with a truly beautiful effect.
On my banner I have also coloured the chipboard alphabets using Smooch Inks. This time I used the Smooch directly on the chipboard, without gessoing first, as I didn't want the added texture. I have then applied the PEarl White metallic wax over the top.
Have some fun with Smooch Inks next time you are colouring your Scrapware Chipboard pieces!

Natalie Wolfe

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