Thursday, November 25, 2010

Natalie's Book Of Me

Over the last 12 months, I have been teaching a class once a month called The Book Of Me.
This has been such a wonderful class to teach as each month, as a group, we decide what the topic for the following month will be and we are creating pages about ourselves for a change rather than our kids!

We have created a 9x9 album of double pages that are personal, creative and have a huge amount of meaning.

Every page that I created shows Scrapware in many ways, shapes and forms.
I love the idea of being able to cut and alter chipboard to suit my pages.
I have embossed, misted, inked and painted the chipboard to suit it's need on the page.

Class One
Single Title page featuring a photo of ourselves
TECHNIQUE***Two Tone Inking with Dimensional Magic
Class Two
Our Home and the things that make it our home
TECHNIQUE***Embossing with White powder and inking
Class Three
Our Favourite Possession or Gift

Class Four
Our "Go To" Recipe (the one thing we cook that works everytime)
TECHNIQUE***Ink and Crackle Paint

Class Five
Our Favourites
TECHNIQUE***Raw Chipboard!!!!
Class Six
What my Mother / Father taught me
TECHNIQUE***Misting and Dimensional Magic

Class Seven
A Week in the Month Diary
TECHNIQUE***Heat embossing with white powder

Class Eight
Our Closest Friends
TECHNIQUE***Glimmermisting and cutting down another shape to suit
Class Nine
Travel - Places I love to go / Places I'd like to go
TECHNIQUE***OMG!!!! No chipboard
Class Ten
Self Portraits
TECHNIQUE***Embossing with black glitter powder and cutting in half to make it go a little further
Class Ten
Two Single Pages..... What's in Our Handbag
Things No One Knows ....

So that shows a few different techniques that a quick and effective and will enhance any page!

Natalie May


  1. Natalie this is incredible, what a wonderful treasure to keep about yourself, each page is so different and lovely!!!!

  2. Your layouts are gorgeous! I love them.