Sunday, November 21, 2010


It was meant to be Saturday Saturday, but a slight disagreement between Mac and Telstra and a few helpful fingers(thanks Fletch) lead to a really really looonnnng night.

It is christmas here and I thought I would end the week with some free cards and I will talk to our very generous boss to throw in some extra Scrapware as well.

I have created 5 vintage cards and 5 gift tags to use as a giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post and we will draw a winner on wednesday night.

and these are a couple of the tags...

and these are a couple of the tags... there are 5 in total.

I recently made this little christmas decoration for Scrapware and the Penrith Papercraft show. I am in the process of converting Scrapware's giftboxes into these Teachers presents for the kids' teachers at school. I will fill them with Lollies and the kids will make a thankyou card which will hang off the little hitch at the front of the house along with a Scrapware key.

I was thinking as I made them you could also fill them with an assortment of gift tags, or trinkets or even a little mini album to celebrate the 25 days of christmas

I think I would love to get a little hand made gift this christmas instead of a store one....that was a *hint* BFF (hehehehhehe)

So don't forget to place a comment on this post by wednesday to win some ready made cards.

cheers and remember christmas is only 34 days away.. (OMG I had better get cracking)
love naomi x


  1. I love Christmas and particularly handmade gifts and decorations. Can't wait to get home from the Middle East and start creating. Love Scrapware and use a lot in my work, encouraged by Nat M of course.

  2. There's nothing like a 'handmade with love' Christmas, I'd love a chance to win these cards.

    Atoxim at gmail dot com

  3. These cards looks FAB and would bring added magic into christmas time to give these cards to a special someone in my life on christmas day!!!!

  4. stunning stunning, the lucky winner will be sohappy to receive these

  5. gorgeous cards, puts mine to shame!!

  6. Wow love all of your cards! I seem to be in a glitter and glitz phase right now so they really appeal to me.

  7. Hand made cards are the best. They are a gift in themselves!

  8. They are beautiful Naomi, I love the idea of the vintage christmas look. My daughter is looking over my shoulder "oooing" and "aaahing" at the glitter...she also thinks they are very pretty!!

  9. Yup, definately nothing better than handmade anytime, especially Christmas!! I'm busy trying to get all of my cards finished right now, so thanks for the inspiration!!!