Tuesday, February 22, 2011

SCRAPWARE ...a wise choice indeed!

I hope you enjoy my latest project for the salubrious SCRAPWARE and well quite honestly it was mostly an accident! I love this piece of canvas cardart but it actually started life as a card for my 87 year old grandfathers birthday which we celebrated on the weekend. I have to admit I grew increasingly concerned as I felt possessed to use diamante embosing powder and Tattered Angels Glimmer Glams*. It looked great and I was happy with it and whatever muse had me in its grips guided me to a box of googly eyes and....
well I knew...had NO doubts then ...it had to be for my gorgeous nephew Zak who's birthday
is a day after his great grandfather's. LOL

PRODUCTS USED: two 15 x 20cm Canvas's, Lumiere paints,Yellow and Junikins Diamond sparkle embossing powder,  Tattered Angels glimmer glam*, Carolees creation adorn it mini alpha stickers, silver paper, googly eyes and ...
These SCRAPWARE products ...

It took me a couple of hours, 4 inks, a couple paints and an artline permanent marker's worth of playing till I was happy with the owl. Finally paydirt a stipple, fan or corse hair paint brush to almost dry brush Dimensional magic clear glaze over him to make him to create that feathery look.

Diamond sparkle embossing powder look AMAZING as stars sadly for some reason the camera didn't pick up the dazzling effect very well. It was strange every time the cameras focused the lovely holographic sparkle all but didisappeared so I took one out of  focus just for you guys! LOL

I also used a tiny wash of *Tattered Angels Glimmer Glams which gave just as gorgeous effect, except finer. The glimmer Glams are a fluid liquid wash you can put over a canvas or art work for some sparkle. The glitter in them is quite fine and the bottle needs to be thoroughly shook before you use it to get the best effect. The wash can be almost clear as the one I used called "chandelier" or tinted with a translucent colour. There are dozens of different tints and I have to say this has been one of the BRILLIANT "finds" of last year.

 I dismissed them for ages "oh just another glitter for girly girl's scrapbooking pages ...boring"! But boring they are NOT they can just add that final arty zing to a collage or magical sparkle to a background paper.
Oh and have I mentioned they are AWESOME for chipboard!

I have used SCRAPWARE pieces raw on cards or layout just with a tinted wash of glimmer glams or I have painted SCRAPWARE then gone over the top with glimmer glams for a subtle sparkle...if you haven't tried a bottle I highly recommend you get one my favourite and I think the most versatile to start with is "chandelier" but once you're page pops you just cant stop at one!!! LOL


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