Thursday, April 21, 2011

Something for the small ones...

I was excited to be scheduled on for a shadow box as I have never done one before! And when I got my tiny little shadow box, the ideas began ticking away in my head - I happen to have a five year old that right now is starting get some wobbly teeth and before long we are going to be having a visit from the tooth fairy! So below is the result of thinking a tooth fairy box to hang on the wall - just high enough up that small fingers can't reach, but the perfect height for a fairy to fly in and collect teeth from!

I began with the Mini Bracket Shadow Box (KT62), Fairy 1 Flourish Wings (CH445) and Impact Alphas lower case (AZ03).

I created the box part and adhered it together with Helmar 450 glue and set it aside to dry for a couple of minutes, next I spread all my pieces out on a paint mat and painted them all with a white gesso primer (thick acrylic paint) and let them dry.

I took the bracket frame of the box and lay a stencil sheet over the top before applying some more gesso to the top with a palette knife, lifting off the stencil carefully and setting aside the frame to dry - hitting it with bouts of the heat gun to dry it a little faster.

I outlined my fairy with a black pen and coloured it with watercolour sticks then brushed over the top with water to blend the colours together. Once dry, I applied kindy glitz to wings and dress and glossy accents to the hair.

Now that box and the letters were dry I brushed sprayed them with three or four colours of glimmer mist and glimmer mist chalkboard, heating them with the heat gun between layers to build up the colour (this was my favourite part - love glimmer mist!!)

While I had the sprays out, I also coloured two white paper flowers, and a couple of punched out butterflies to decorate the frame.

Once my frame was dry, I applied the glimmer mist colours to the top and heated it in between applications of colour.I created a template to create the little envelop, cut it out of pattern paper then sanded it and applied a little glimmer mist to to back of it too before adhering in the centre of the box and adding gemstones around the outside and the flower brad to flap. (this is where the teeth will go to be collected)!!

Now that all is dry, I adhered the frame to the top of the box, added the fairy, letters, flowers and butterflies to the frame, also adding the tiny letters to finish the title and finally spritzing the whole thing with a clear glimmer mist to add a bit more sparkle.

I simply adhered a bit of ribbon to the back of the box with masking tape to hang it on the wall - my five year is busting to lose a tooth now so she can see if the fairy likes it!!!

(PS - here is it on the wall in the girls room ; ) Happy scrapping!

JEN xo

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