Sunday, May 15, 2011


This was meant for a couple of weeks ago, but blogger had a hiccup and didn't post it!

The theme the week was "things to be thankful for" and my topic of the recent bush fires in my area may seem somewhat incongruous at first but let me explain... The event was obviously terrible but also inspiring in that despite the loss of property there was no loss of life. It also brought out the very best in our community, everyone banded together to help each other and this proved to me again how lucky i am to live where i do.

I have made a mini album using photos of some of the houses destroyed. I've called it perspective for two reasons, firstly to capture the scale of the fires and put the extent of it into context.  The second meaning is the way the fires made us focus on what is really important in life.

the cover..

and a couple of the pages...

I have used these Scrapware products:
doily frame 3 - small (not pictured)

I hope the theme inspires you to stop and take a minute to appreciate the things you have to be thankful for in your life...


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  1. oh all hail the godess of scrap serendipity. Ilove how you get elcletic bits and pieces to go on a page and in this case in an album and they just own each other. My eyes have so much detail to take in and it all ties itself in so beautifully!!! Add to that you seem like such a lovely lady and amogst other things I am grateful for your inspiration!!! :)