Wednesday, January 7, 2009

COMING SOON - Art portfolio

This is a great little project and such a useful addition for any family with kidlets that bring home a stream of beautiful handmade art.  This portfolio makes the perfect place to store it all - and it is made from heavy duty MDF and comes complete with the palette and "My Art" words.

The portfolio is the perfect size for A4 envelopes and although it is longer than 12 inches it is no hassle to cover.

Art book (small) (1 of 1)

To get the colour spots in the palette, I just squeezed in a blob of paint to each hole and let it dry overnight.  By the next morning the paint blobs had fully dried and left me with the effect of paint on the palette.  I used dimensional magic on the words and palette after painting them to give them a beautiful shiny appearance.

The portfolio is due for release soon, so let your local or online store know that you are interested and they can order them in.

Kim  :o)

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  1. Wow that is fantastic. What a great idea, I'm not into OTP much but this is so practical :-)