Sunday, January 4, 2009

Life is a box of chocolates.... and more

I love this photo. It reminds me of those photos in cookbooks displaying spices or ingredients of some kind. 

I love colours. Colours make me happy. 

I love the look of these glass jars filled with colourful yummy goodies. And naturally, yummy goodies make me happy too. 

They are actually Christmas presents I made for the mum-friends at school. Mum-friends - because I don't have a better word to describe them - the mums whom I've become friends with at school. They are a lovely bunch of ladies and we really treasure our friendship. My brains were fried thinking of what to get them for Christmas. I really like them but I don't really know them THAT well to buy expensive things. The one thing I know about them is they love my Sang Choy Bao (Chinese Lettuce Wraps). My best friend did suggest that I make a Sang Choy Bao Kit for all of them but I wasn't so sure about Food & Handling laws, and I think they'd rather just come to my house and eat it when I cook it. 

So when Ange released these goodie boxes during the blog party... it struck lottery with me. I absolutelyDSC_3913
 loved them and I thought it was the best idea ever! I get to play with these boxes, and give the ladies some yummy goodies!  To tell you the truth, I am not much of an OTP person. I tend to stress a lot when I have to do OTP projects. But at the rate I've been going lately, I'm not much of an anything person - no mojo to scrap layouts and all carded-out with Christmas. But when Ange presented these, I was totally inspired. I drove over an hour to Croydon and picked up 4 boxes. The end result ..... 

They are just so cute! And the girls all ooohed and aaahed over them. The jars were filled with Strawberries and Cream (red), Mint M&Ms (green), Raspberry Bullets (white) and Chocolate Coffee Beans (gotta have chocolate!!). They were very thrilled to get those boxes and those goodies inside.

These are relatively easy to put together too. I suggest painting the insides as opposed to covering with patterned paper because covering with patterned paper adds thickness to the cross joints and that will make assembly quite difficult. Then add patterned papers to the outside of the boxes. I used 2 sheets of co-ordinating patterned papers, and decorating ribbons. Blooms and letters are optional for your project depending on who you are making it for.

I certainly think they are perfect gifts for all-year round and any occasion. The person will get a beautifully decorated box, and everything else you put in it is like a little surprise to them, like opening up a box of chocolates - you never know what you are getting. You do not necessarily have to use goodie-filled jars. You can choose to just give the box for someone who has tools to organise, or perhaps a box filled with garden tools for someone who has a green thumb, or some bath products with a face towel,.. you get the drift. It's entirely up to your imagination.

So look out for these goodie boxes in your LSS or your favourite online scrapbooking shop!



  1. Michelle, these look fab. We will have to have some!