Sunday, May 24, 2009

What's been happening...

Hi all!

To say we've been busy would be a HUGE understatement...we have been working on our June release and we're happy to say that it'll be here next week!!!  We've been working on "all things great and small"...Here is a peek at what sort of thing you can expect:-

6x6 shadow box 

This is the most adorable 6x6" shadow box...We have revamped the shadow boxes so they have sides that all click together beautifully.  They are so simple to make...glue together and cut strips of paper - 1" for the top and 3/4" for the sides....then tadaaaa, your shadow box is done!

We have been busy shrinking things, so that is a tiny little picket fence, tiny grass and yes, the houses have shrunk too!  If there is anything from our current range that you would like to see in miniature form, leave a comment here and you will be in the draw to win a miniature prize pack!



  1. Ooooo!!! Perfect! Love this idea! I'd love to see some little animals, something that can sit neatly in the corner of a photo :)

  2. I agree...animals would be awesome! Some tiny little owls would be perfect in my eyes... ;)
    - April

  3. the zoo animals would be so cute, have always wanted a real life zoo for pets, a baby elephant, a baby giraffe....and of course a leopard all would be great in the backyard...and what about baby Aussie animals Koalas and skippys

  4. I love small whimsical things like clouds and I love the idea of mini owls...cute!!!
    Kayla :)

  5. Teeny weeny tulips would look really cute@!

  6. I would love to see the sunburst. Love all your work.

  7. Hi, I`d love to see a tiny alphabet (sized for ATCs) & maybe the Love fern in a smaller size too...& I`d love to see some ballet related scrapware...maybe some ballet shoes? Thanks for the chance to enter the fab draw, I went to the P2P show & saw that 6"x6" shadow box IRL, & it`s just gorgeous :)

  8. Super cute! I agree with Robyn that the zoo animals would look cute tiny!