Saturday, March 27, 2010

Distress Technique

Distress to age/grunge or blend pieces in to their surroundings is very easy and and quick to do.
I use my fingers as a tool to smear on paint, once it's dry you can sand it back...if you are a little heavy handed with the sanding, just use a soft sponge to ink up the scratched surface. Dyes/stains and tints are also great...I love the vintage look of coffee stain, I put a deep tray next to my coffee mug and sprinke a little of my fave blend over the paper I want to stain, I then spritz with water or soak, depending on the depth of stain you want...always experiment with a scrap of paper. An interesting twist is to shallow soak the paper and sprinkle rock salt over the paper before the coffee, the salt will absorb the stain and you will end up with some great varigation to the paper.

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  1. I'll have to try all those techinques sound good!