Friday, April 23, 2010

It's friday already....

I literally do not know where the time is going...

I constantly hear the sounds of 'WHOOOOSH" as deadlines fly past. But I cant complain because I have too much goodness to show you and some that I cannot, not yet anyway. Save those pennies though because the next Scrapware release is 'AWESOME'.

Birdcages this week though, focus Naomi.

Kathleen Glassop has created the most gorgeous page using a Small Birdcage from Scrapware. Kathleen style is so fun and like a breath of fresh air... love it. kathleen as stamped over the birdcage with a writing stamp that gives a twist on the usual distressing techniques.

Sing your own Song - Kathleen Glassop

And Gilly Lester has also done a beautiful whimsical layout for all the little girls out there.

Have a really close look at the extra dimension and texture Gilly has added to the birds cage will fine lace and flowers at the top and a gorgeous crocheted wing of the little birdie. ( I so need to learn how to crochet... should have listened to my nanna)

And then the last projects from me for the week.
Something a little different (for me at least) I am presently going to create a wall of small canvas' that feature wards to inspire and pick me up when I am in a slump.
This is the first of the series...

I have cut the top off the cage and then bent it slightly so it was domed and gave a little more dimension. The Cage has been glittered with Martha Stewart - Brownstone glitter.

And then one last layout and I have just realised Gilly and I have the same title....As they say great minds think alike (hehehee)

Have a great weekend all... happy cresting and dont forget to upload those Scrapware creations to the Scrapware Ning community gallery. We would love to see them.
Love naomi x


  1. Goosh I love the effect on your bird Naomi what have you done with the newspaper type paper?
    Awesome layouts and different medium finishes.