Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to cover chipboard with frinkles.

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I have been playing around with Frinkles which are very small beads and they work really well at covering chipboard from words to shapes, at first I tried PVA glue to stick them down, but found out that the best way is to paint the chipboard with gesso then stick the frinkles to the chipboard by using dimensional magic.

I used WT27-Word Trio Beautiful, Perfect and Princess.

Step One: Paint the chipboard word with white Gesso which is a base coat with no shine.

Step Two: Cover the word in Dimensional Magic, making sure you get right to the edges and also make sure there is no bubbles.

Step Three: Start sprinkling the frinkles onto the word, making sure you cover right to the edges of the word.

Step Four: Once the word is covered in frinkles shake off the excess and then go around the edges of the word and also make sure the holes on the word aren't filled in with excess frinkles.

Step Five: Leave to dry, then use as you wish.

Hope you enjoyed this step by step, Thanks Gilly ox

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