Saturday, July 10, 2010

The HO HO HO continues

This post this week is late again....

Now those that know me know that I live on the slightly disorganised side of life, so you may not be surprised when I tell you I arrived home from holidays on Wednesday this week to discover two vitally important pieces of information

a. that I was hosting Christmas in July this week
b. I had NO christmas Scrapware.....that last one was a bit of a clincher.

But on looking through my stash I found a few things I could make while I waited for Ange to RUSH my order....thanks lovely

So here is what I created while I waited.


I had a few clear ornaments from spotlight indulged my latest love for Magical mica Powders, and then moulded the frame and letter on to the burble.... so easy and so beautiful.

Imagine using rub-ons and bling to make it truly unique.

Once I got my Scrapware from a newly landlegged Ange, I continued making some tree Ornaments.

This one is the large Bauble frames (6pieces-CS59) and I created a little shadow box and sandwiched in some coarse glitter within the ornament. I sanded back the edges whilst the ink had not completely dried to age the very bright gold mica powder....

I can not tell you how good these powders are on Scrapware chipboard. The colours are so vibrant and do not absorb into the chipboard....OMG love them. Thanks Linda for opening up that little piece of Heaven.

The final Ornament is one of twenty five.... yep TWENTY FIVE.
This will be my Advent calendar this year. I am going to do one/two a week until I have these all these little houses hanging on my tree

For this project I have used the Wisteria Lane Houses...and adjusted them so that I can fit three lollies in them for the three children in my house. I am addicted to making these little houses and decorating them... I'll show you more over the coming weeks.

Now finally two layouts... whew I have been busy in the last three days..

But there is more....a set of steak knives
(just joking- but seriously if you have got this far you deserve them)

I will be back tomorrow with the little Gingerbread house...
cheers and merry christmas..
love naomi x


  1. oh these are fantastic Naomi - whilst Christmas only comes once a year (thank goodness) and I avoid doing christmas layouts but these have really got me inspired ... thank you :)
    And I hear ya on the house addiction LOL can't wait to see the other 24 LOL

  2. Oh can't wait to see the rest of the advent houses, just gorgeous!!

  3. gorgeous projects Naomi..looove how you've transformed the clear clever

  4. Amazing Naomi, the clear ornament is awesome.

  5. Naomi...that little house with fantails isjust fabulous...I love it you are just tooo clever

  6. Ouuu cant wait to get started on some of these goodies.