Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My play with Scrapware overlay...AKA Faux Scrapper

I began this piece with the initial idea that it was going to be a layout..."right", "sure" I hear you all say...because I'm NOT a scrapper...and so of course the mixed media artist in me kind off took over and...well it's not bad for a non LO...right?
The more I look at it the more I think I can add stuff...so one day I'll add some stained and tattered lace to the bottom of it and I'll hang the piece from a bead and wire wrapped twig. I'll most likely add more elements too in the form of charms...one day.
Anyhoo, are you wondering what I have used? I used the following Scrapware products:
CH226 Twinchie Overlay C, KT49 Bloom Brooch M&T kit, KT47 3D Butterfly kit, CH339 Do-Hicky 5, LB23 Bird Silhouette large, CH337 Do-Hicky 3...and shhh naughty me...those very clever-layered-pop up-type flowers in the corner are Scrapware...but sadly retired...but hey I just had to use them because they are wicked cool (as my teen son would say)...I'll wait paitently for the boss lady to email or phone me to growl for using them hehe.
Want to know a secret about this piece? Of course you do! Ok!...the bird, the large bloom at the top right corner and the butterfly are all wearable brooches that are easily removed to be used as a divine and unique accessory and you just put them back when you are done with them...is that a great gift idea or what?!
Think out side the box...or in this case the layout.

art gives you wings, so wing it

Linda B


  1. It is gorgeous and very clever!!

  2. It's even more Beautiful in real life.

  3. Just beautiful Linda! Ange might just have to put those flowers back in production!

  4. wow wow wow how cool to have removable pieces...so awesome

  5. sooo beautiful and the removable..wearable art is so clever!