Thursday, August 5, 2010

Well this is my first post for Scrapware and I am thrilled to be a part of the team and to be able to share with you my creations using this fabulous product!
Tonight I want to share with you a technique I use all the time - adding texture to your chipboard pieces with tissue paper! Since the theme for this week is Memory Boxes, I have used the 6x6 Memory Box to create this project. I have used this tissue paper technique on the main frame and also the roof of the little Scrapware house.
Let me show you how its done! First take the main frame (or chosen chipboard piece) and cover with your choice of scrapbook paper, images or book paper. For my frame I have used paper from the Kaiser Chateau range as well as torn pieces of book paper. I glued down the scrapbook paper first using Mod Podge.

Over the top of the first layer of paper I have glued down the torn pieces of book paper, again using Mod Podge. Because I want a Shabby Chic look to my finished project, I have then dry brushed white gesso over the entire frame, using a coarse brush. The trick here is to put very little gesso on your brush, and wipe it off on paper towel, leaving very little on the brush. Then wipe the brush over the chipboard, slowly building up the gesso till you are happy with it. You still want some of the pattern and text on the papers to show through.
Now you are ready to add the tissue paper! All you need is cheap white tissue paper. To glue it down you need either Mod Podge or white craft glue which has been watered down so that it is fairly runny. For my project, I have actually used the Shimmer Mod Podge which leaves a gorgeous shimmery sheen. Paint the Mod Podge on to the frame in sections. Once you have painted the glue onto one section, smoosh down the tissue paper into the wet glue with your fingers. You want the tissue paper to wrinkle as you pat it down which is what adds the texture and dimension to the chipboard. Keep going over the entire piece of chipboard. Once you have covered it with the tissue paper, add another layer of glue or Mod Podge over the top. Try the Shimmer Mod Podge for a really nice effect!
Once you have finished and the top layer of glue has dried sand the edges of the frame so that its all nice and neat. You can then add some metallic waxes (such as Rub n Buff) over the top to highlight the texture.
Go ahead and paint or finish the rest of the memory box and put it all together.
I have used the Wisteria Lane House Kit (KT39) to create the little house along with Branches (CH192) and the Antique Lowercase Alphas (AZ08) to complete the project. Embellish with Scraptivate German Scrap and you're all done!

I hope you enjoyed learning this great technique ... why not give it a go!


  1. love this technique - have done something similar but not with the tissue paper over the top - great effect, thanks Natalie...

  2. oooo this is just devine you make thi slook so easy...just gorgeous

  3. Wow it looks fabulous, Nat. Thanks for sharing your technique!

  4. this is gorgeous!..and great tutorial!