Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Halloween

Hi all Bridgette Here (WAVING)
This week is Halloween at Scrapware such a fun topic, I have just loved the girls creations so far they are so inspiring don't you think??

Today is technique Wednesday so i am going to show you how to give your chipboard a little texture, I am a scrapper that loooves to have texture on her page :)
So since we are doing all things scary i have decided to make a Halloween card and show you how to use a tissue paper technique which i love to do,
So all you will need is a piece or two of scrapware chipboard a piece of tissue paper, Glue,Modge podge, paint and two inks I have used amber and charcoal but feel free to use different colours

Firstly scrunch your tissue paper, I have used tissue paper from a pattern.

Next glue the front of your chipboard with lots of glue I have used PVA glue for mine ,gently pull your scrunched paper out a little and spread it out onto your chipboard try to make lots of folds and creases while you press it down into the glue.
Set the chipboard aside to dry
Go and grab your self a cuppa !!
or unless you are an impatient scrapper like me you  whip out your handy dandy heat gun or hairdryer( if you don't have a heat gun) !  and dry your chipboard this takes only a few minutes
Next thing is slightly painful you need to cut around your chipboard to remove the excess tissue paper !!Have fun with this part !!

Ok now the fun part  paint your chipboard getting a small paint brush to get into all of the little creases, dry with your heat gun   Wow its starting to look great hey!!
Once your paint has dried its time to give your chipboard some shading I have used umber first around the edge and then the darker charcoal in the middle and around some parts of the tree to give it a dark scary kind of look !

Now get out your modge podge, Pva glue or dimensional magic and give your chipboard a coat to give it a shine And you are done ..
How did you like this technique ??? i hope you had fun, I know i did :)

And here is the finished card   BOO

My Witch has been embossed using black embossing powder, for her face i have used a skin colour water colour pencil and  then given her a wart or two using a gel pen :)
The lettering has simply been given a small amount of amber ink around the edge .
products i have used are
AZ10Mini Antique Lowercase
CH141Love Fern - Medium
CH287Witch Small 2pcs

Happy Halloween to you all
Thanks for visiting
Bridge xx

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