Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Pink!

Hi scrapware fans! Today I want to show you a canvas I created for my friend's craft room... it's pink of course!

There's a few new things I tried with this, but basically just trying to get different effects on each of the letters to create some interest.

For the word "create" I decided to mix it up a little by cutting out the stencil for a few of the letters. It's so easy to do, and I think it really adds a bit of character. Each of the letters have been treated separately - some I covered in paper, and then sprayed with glimmermist, or inked, some have been painted, and then embossed, and then some have a stamp applied over the top again. The birds have been topped with some rock candy crackle paint. This was a really fun project, and I love how all the different techniques add texture to the canvas.

Scrapware used in this project:
CH329 Swallows
AZ07 Antique Uppercase
AZ10 Mini Antique Lowercase

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