Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Okayeee technically I think I am meant to represent the "blue" side of affairs here on the DT, given I have three boys! LOL Every now and then we need to cut loose and play outside the comfort zone though don't we? I surely did dive into and beyond the comfort zone here and ...
well ...
I may have drowned in the pink factor, metaphorically speaking of course! LOL

I used the new HOUSE SHADOW BOX KIT and the SCRAPWARE products bellow...

 The idea I had in mind was to give this finished shadow box to my cute little niece
to hang on her bedroom door!
I began with the small Crown flourish chipboard, I trimmed a little off each side to make it a fraction smaller. I painted it and a set of Flourish Butterfly wings then used ANGELINA FUSIBLE FILM over the top. Its a cellophane looking film that  shrinks to the mould around the chipboard details when heat is applied to it with a heat gun. I cut the butterfly apart to create the fairy wings.
I joined two Curly Q's to either end of a mini frame to create the title at the top of the shadow box. The little text box at the bottom I created with the punch out left overs off some square Scrapware chipboard.

Other features of note: The fabric quilted background inside the shadow box and the white paper flowers dip dyed with Tattered Angels cherry blossom Glimmer mist.
 I also have to mention a product I recommend highly for its amazing chipboard coverage, LUMIERE ACRYLIC METALLIC paint by JACQUARD. I used the pearl white here on the house front back and walls. The reason I recommend this paint, apart from the lovely lustre and creaminess, is the no fuss  one coat coverage. Just one coat of paint that dries really quickly and with just a dab of my brush into the Tattered Angels Glimmer mist and a little pink acrylic I tinted it on the go whist painting to accent the roof.

Finally, abit back the front to mention the roof top last but are you surprised! LOL The roof finish effect was made with paper clay (one of my FAVOURITE things to play with ). Its an almost weightless playdoh like product that air dries.  I rolled a sausage shape then applied a layer of glue to the Scrapware roof pieces, then rolled the paper clay out with a rolling pin till it covered the chipboard.
Using an acrylic stamp I stamped the "roof shingles" texture into it. 
Then after trimming it to size I painted it while it was wet and left it to air dry.
I hope you all enjoy my sharing this creation with you and Id like to say as happy as I am to have used this gorgeous shadow box ... I am...probably ....all PINKED OUT!!!! LOL


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