Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Don't you love holidays??

I know I do!! So much so that I took about 1000 photo's in 5 days when we went camping with my brothers family this past week. We had a fabulous time, and I have so many ideas for LO's I can't wait to get stuck in!

But it does post the question on how to capture the event without ending up with a cluttered page....or 5 albums ;)

I love the Twinchie Overlays, and think they are perfect for showcasing a large amount of photo's. Here I've used one of the new overlay's to showcase 14 photo's of our holiday...


I cut certain sections of the overlay out to add interest, creating a larger rectangle piece along with open pieces towards the outside. I also used the large center square as the title block, and a few of the smaller squares for mounting photo's around the edges.

I've used Steelfish lowercase letters...


The clouds & sun from the Sunshine sheet...
And a small Sailboat....
I've painted all of these & clear embossed them - I saw Georgia do the clear embossing ages ago and ever since I've not been able to leave a chippie un-embossed, it really makes the colors pop don't you think? The yellow paint I had was a bit wishy washy, but adding the clear embossing layer makes it look bright & vibrant - plus it doesn't take forever to dry like other gloss finishes.
Thanks so much for dropping by - hope you like!

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