Wednesday, February 3, 2010


They say the older you get the wiser you get????
Well I just added another number to the age and certainly don't feel wiser or smarter or, or, or.

Maybe when you see my layouts here you might just say I'm heading a little more on the Insanity side.
T & C (Tarquinn and Connaugh)
As usuall it's all Fabric!
Layers of Vintage lace, satin, Tulle & Brocade-curtain fabric.
Title -Antique Upper case
Large and small vines. Painted + Glimmer mist, Shimmerz & inked

Here's my version of clean and simple?
Autumn Joy.
Layers of Chocolate satin and an overlay underneath for dimension!
Title -Antiue Upper and Lower Case.
Painted, G/mist +inked. Covered in Dim/magic.
To get the weathered - multi colours through title Alpha I have removed the Dim/magic when tacky. (place on piece of paper face down press hard, lift off and then rub remainder of DM off.)Ch141 Fern -Medium. Painted + Glimmer mist & Dimensional Magic.DD08 12" Frame -Just a small Piece used for scallop base.

Hope you like them - XO. G.

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