Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Off the page TIME!

I have a terrible habit of seeing an off the page project, getting really excited about it... and then leaving it in a box to gather dust lol. i couldn't resist this gorgeous clock though and my second daughter eliza has been asking for something to hang in her room so i thought i'd kill two birds with one stone.

isn't it cute? eliza loves it and i had to ask VERY nicely to borrow it for five minutes to do this post....
i have used the clock, antique lower case letters (AZ 08), a large basic flower (CH 97) and a circle journal spot.
i stitched the paper and attached the photos etc before i glued it onto the clock. with the chipboard i painted the various pieces and then clear embossed them. because the clock is so big i did the embossing in stages which worked really well. with the flower, after i had embossed it i curled the petals around a pen to give them some extra dimension. then i punched holes in the centre to feed the stems of my paper flowers and string through.
it came together so easily and as i said eliza is chuffed!well, i am off to try and entertain three grumpy kids on the third 40+ day in a row... hhmmmm, maybe i should set them up in front of the tv and try and sneak some scrapping in lol...georgia

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