Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Technique Wednesday Chipboard Waxing.

Hello all Scrapware fans!! Welcome to TECHNIQUE WEDNESDAY with Renee Iveson.
This week the theme has been winged things, and when i saw this topic for the blog I knew I had the perfect pics to complete a layout using some of the new scrummy Scrapware chippies! And the result is my layout "the Freaky Chook" featuring:

I stole my beautiful daughter, Viola's water colour pencils to colour in all my chunky chicks and then used a clear crackle paint to seal them.
Now to achieve the shabby grunged look for the banner I came up with a new technique called CHIPBOARD WAXING! This technique came about after a discussion with a group of my friends who had all just discovered the joy of the "Brazilian" (LOL!) So being the scrap obsessed woman that I am, as they were giving a blow for blow account of how the beautician achieves this hair free look, I thought to myself how can I use waxing in my scrapping and bam it hit me - chipboard waxing!
The gorgeous Gillian Lester has help me film this simple yet effective technique, so check out the short tutorial on how to "wax" your Scrapware chippies!

And its that simple! Scrapware chipboards are extremely versatile and look fantastic no matter what way you decide to finish them, why not have some fun "waxing" your Scrapware chippies too!

Luv Renee


  1. love your layout. thanks for the tut.

  2. oh and what ds tape do you use? mine wont rip like that!

  3. Very cool Technique Wednesday Nay! Gilly ox

  4. tee hee Hubby was asking what type of video I was watching when you started talking Renee, LOVE THIS technique!!!!