Wednesday, July 6, 2011


We have just retuned from a fabulous trip to New Zealand to attend the SENZ show in Auckland.  The show was held in the Telsra Clear Pacific Events Centre which is in the shape of an upturned Waka and for those of you that don't know what a Waka is, it's a Maori canoe!

Here's out stand looking all pretty and untouched...
before the doors opened:

We were lucky enough to have some Kiwi scrappers whip up some display pieces for us and we also sponsored their classes.  Thank you Nic Howard, Rachel Tucker, Lianne Gray and Tania Sansom!  We also sponsored Jilly GG's classes which I heard where a huge success, it was great to finally meet some of these people I have cyber friendships with!

I took Skye Johnson with me and we had the best time hanging out with this bunch of ladies who took the best care of us...
(from left to right Tania, Me, Nic, Skye, Lucy and Rachel)

Some lovely ladies get busy shopping

The lovely Carol on Make and Takes

Nic getting into the Make and Takes on Sunday

Part of our fabulous displays

Skye and I with our SW fascinators!

The best part was customers coming back each day to get more goodies, 
one of our customers shopped 7 times! 

Well, we had a very successful show and came home with NO product!
We have some wonderful retail shops in NZ now stocking our products, including Scottie Crafts, NZ Scrapbook Co & Stampzone and more to come soon!

Thank you New Zealand, we had a fabulous time and I always feel like I am coming home even after being in Melbourne for 16 years...I thought it very appropriate to finish off our trip with a quick jump off the Sky Tower:

Skye and I got suited up, one of us jumped and the other one...well she was just not willing to risk her life on her first visit to NZ LOL.  Can I just say, it was scary but oh so worth it!  My scanner isn't working, but I will upload my mid jump picture soon.  After my jump, I landed and the first thing I saw was was meant to be...



  1. I just thought I would say that your stand/display at Senz was my favourite, and I can't seem to get enough of your products, I will certainly be looking up your NZ retailers.

  2. Next time pick me pick me take me with you but I am with Skye on that one ... I would have been waiting for you safely with two feet firmly on the ground at Starbucks drinking coffee!

  3. Oh I loved your Stand at Senz, and the beautiful projects that were on display. I sure will be looking at purchasing more of your products soon as I have made my way through the stash I bought there LOL..

  4. Ang, your products are fantastic & it was gr8 meeting you. But tell me the biggie...did you get to Starbucks in town??